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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Beauty in the Everyday at The Gramercy

While I love hosting events, it’s so nice to attend some of the fabulous Vegas blogger events as a guest! Our friend, Christie Moeller if I Can Style U always puts together some fabulous events!

A couple weeks ago she hosted an amazing soiree at The Gramercy, a multi-use complex here in Las Vegas. I’ve been to the offices here a number of times and for this event, we got to explore the grounds a bit and experience more of what the space has to offer.

We started with a champagne toast by the pool and got to admire the facilities. We then made our way over to Pinches Tacos for a delicious brunch (and margaritas, of course). We enjoyed crunchy and soft tacos, chilaquiles, flautas, and churros. I love Pinches Tacos and the breakfast items were awesome!

After brunch, we split into separate groups and alternated between Nohea Nails and Portion Control. We headed to the salon first for some cute nail decals and they even gave us gift certificates for a full gel manicure. I will be going back for sure! The salon was beautiful and all of the staff were so friendly.

From here, we headed to Portion Control to sample some of their healthy menu items. We tried their Ahi Poke, Zucchini Pomodoro, and Veggie Lasagna. I’m not a huge fan of zucchini but everything was delicious! I’ll definitely be back.

To top off the afternoon, we all took home super soft Gramercy hoodies. Thank you so much, Christie and One 7 Communications for the amazing afternoon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Drink, Paint, & Be Scary at Wine & Canvas

Photo by Natasha Warren

If you've followed my blog for a little while, you'll know I love Halloween.

Photo by Natasha Warren

One of the best things about running a blogger group is being able to have some pretty awesome events and Halloween has been no exception! We are fortunate enough to have a member who runs Wine & Canvas Las Vegas so it was the perfect place to host a fun Halloween sweets exchange, paint night, and costume party! 

I've done paint parties like this before but this one was such a blast! Most of the girls got dressed up and we had so many sweet snacks to last us through the night! Between the cookies, cupcakes, candy, and other treats, it's safe to say we all had a sugar rush!

Photos by Natasha Warren

We also partnered up with Sugarpova, who sent us bags and bags of their adorable Spooky Sours! I've been a huge fan of Sugarpova candies for a few years so when I thought of a fun candy sponsor, they were the first one that came to mind!

We picked a fun Halloween piece for the evening. It was so hard to pick a Halloween piece because they sent us a ton of gorgeous options!

It was so fun mingling and hanging out with great friends, girls I haven't seen in a while, and some awesome new members I'd never met! 

For our swag bags, we partnered with Acure Organics for these amazing red clay masks (they cleared my skin right up), Violent Lips for the cutest Pumpkin Spice lips, Biobelle for "After Party" masks, and Wish Formula for the perfect Halloween pampering piece- Bat Eye Masks!!!

A huge thank you to Wine & Canvas Las Vegas for hosting our event! Thank you to Acure Organics, Violent Lips, Biobelle, and Wish Formula for supplying the amazing swag! 
As usual, all opinions are my own!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Girls Fright Out at Freakling Brothers' Trilogy of Terror

Little known fact- I used to work at a Halloween store.

I love Halloween. But working in a store that is literally Halloween every single day of the year is tough. It was a lot of days finding fake fingers in my register, re-folding costumes into their little plastic display bags, and smelling the weird rubber smell of masks. We even got locked out of the main office and stuck in the stairwell right by the warehouse full of creepy decorations!

After those experiences, you stop being scared. I think it probably didn't help that I went to 17 different haunted attractions that year and grew fairly accustomed to the smell of chainsaws. Even so,  I make exceptions for Freakling Brothers. Their Castle Vampyre was a favorite that year and is still just as fun this year- a decade later!

We got to bring the girls out at the beginning of the month to experience all three houses in the Trilogy of Terror! I won't give anything away- the jump scares and the unexpected strange twists are the best parts, right?

The one thing I will say- Gates of Hell is INTENSE. 
There's a reason you sign a waiver.
Be mentally prepared to be physically uncomfortable and disturbed.

A big thank you to Freakling Brothers for hosting our event! As usual, all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- The Side Door at Sugarcane

A few weeks ago we had a fun opportunity with Sugarcane Raw Bar & Grill.

I had been wanting to try the food there (and see their super cute restaurant space) for a while, so when we had a chance to partner for their monthly themed event in September, I was thrilled!

The last Tuesday of each month, Sugarcane works in a theme based around one of their liquor partners. The first month, it was a Tiki theme with Koloa Rums and Hawaiian themed small plates. For September, it was Havana Club Rum and all kinds of fun, Cuban themed small plates at happy hour prices. So much fun!

The Side Door is held in a small, private room off to the side of the main dining room space. It's such a cute room and it's perfect for small groups! We had about ten of us at the event and it was a great space for us to walk around and mingle while also eating and drinking some amazing Havana Nights themed food and cocktails!

We started off the night with a rum punch that was delicious! We dined on mini Cubanos, the most amazing empanadas ever, friend plantains, sliders, and chicken wings. Everything was delicious and perfect for sitting and enjoying cocktails with friends. The prices were really good ($3-8 for food items and happy hour pricing for drinks) and the service was outstanding! Every drink came with a story and a description which is especially nice when you're a blogger and want to know everything about what you're drinking!

The only bad part about The Side Door- 
It's one night only and the menu items are only available for that one night.

If you're in Las Vegas this month, it's an even better time to stop by Sugarcane. For the entire month of October, Sugarcane will be serving the Vegas Strong Cocktail and will be donating all proceeds from the sale of this cocktail to the victims and families of the Las Vegas shooting. 
More info here

We had such a fun time mixing and mingling at Sugarcane's Havana Nights event! A huge thank you to Sugarcane for hosting us; as usual, all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bad Skin Days

I've been having a lot of bad skin days lately.

I'm pretty sure it's mostly from stress and it's been pretty unpleasant. I've noticed when I get really anxious, I would break out and it would take days to go away. I definitely didn't want this to keep happening and I finally found a few products that really keep my skin together when I'm under pressure. Not just that, but when I do break out, they cut the healing time in half! I keep these three products by my bathroom sink all the time just to make sure I'm always covered. 

1. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask- When Wishtrend asked me to try this mask, I was really excited. My skin had been acting up a lot recently so I was ready to try just about anything. I actually use this at night and put a very thin layer on freshly washed skin before bed. The first time I used this, it healed all my breakouts in under two days!

2. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner- Ever since I first received this toner, I've loved it. I hate most toners because they usually smell like alcohol or some weird chemical. This one pretty much smells like nothing and doesn't burn at all. It cleans off any residue and excess oil too without leaving a weird texture on my skin afterwards!

3. Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash- I love this cleanser. It works great with my facial brush and leaves my skin feeling really clean and free of oil after a good wash. I don't use it daily but I use it whenever my skin feels oily or I'm under a lot of stress and know my skin will act up. 

I received these products free for testing purposes; however, as always, all opinions are my own!
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